I4CFinancial applies proprietary fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis methods, coupled with artificial intelligence techniques, to generate predictive insights into the future price action of financial instruments globally at scale.

Online brokerage, equity or wealth management platform providers: Our solutions are focused on omnichannel delivery of simple-to-understand, high information ratio content on a per instrument basis. Our API-accessible small footprint HTML content packages integrate easily and will help you differentiate and heighten client engagement. Our solutions drive increased trading activity, build brand trust and boost client retention for your financial website.

Fund or portfolio/ETF/robo managers: Our out-of-the-box, fully automated portfolio and risk management solutions are presently available on most major global equity markets. Sign up to see back-test and forward-test performance metrics. We have implemented fully automated solutions that drive asset management portfolios and hedge funds. We can quickly prepare an aggressive alpha portfolio from a universe that you specify.



Our trade ideas and insights offer a holistic view of price action potential across multiple trading horizons, incorporating proven proprietary methods to help you both discover ideas and augment your existing decision-making methods. Easily interpretable, I4CFinancial’s visual insight cues display only the must-know comparative insights – none of the fluff – leading to decisive and effective action. We supplement these visuals with supporting and educative text in the language of your choice.


Our diverse delivery options enable you to support idea and insight placement/delivery to channels and devices across the spectrum. Set up a scheduled data feed pull, API calls, or a locally installed appliance on your infrastructure to best suit your needs. You can go with white-label, idea tickers, top 10 idea lists, portfolio list integration, emails, push chat messaging, and/or chatbots.


Our performance reports are updated daily and reflect the limitations that real world trading systems must work within. Our automated portfolios have weathered the ups and downs that markets present. We maintain robust go-to-cash logic to mitigate risk. Our methods are targeting alpha via proprietary methods unique to us.

Outreach with Tailored Prescriptive Notifications

We use an automated multi-factor approach across multiple time frames to generate actionable predictive analytics, then package these as easy-to-action prescriptive notifications supported by trustworthy metrics.

Our proprietary methods are unique and are the result of over 20 years of experience in the field of trade idea optimisation.

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